• WordPress: When and When Not To Use

    Clients and potential clients often ask us about WordPress, particularly when others tell them it is "free." That view can be misleading. The base software is indeed free, but it still has upfront development costs, ongoing maintenance costs, and many of the add-ons aren't free. WordPress also has a number of drawbacks.

  • The unifying principle

    In the process of growth comes redefining oneself, and that's what is happening for ZDI.

  • Who we are, our mission and vision

    I find myself over and over again resorting to the fact that life is often driven by events (planned or spontaneous), emails, and links to information peers have sent with a "check this out" prompt, rather than the planned tasks set out for the day. Today it was an email about my attendance at a workshop for Developing a Strategic Plan which requested:

  • Website Launch: Essential Legal Services

    The new Essential Legal Services website is live!

  • Upstate Vegas Events Hits the Jackpot!

    Recently, Upstate Vegas Events of Rochester, NY contacted Zee Designs regarding their outdated website and branding look.